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Reptilians Among Us - The Reptilian Race 'Here' On Earth View latest post by Myth
in Documentaries, movies and music
Reptiles have been on the earth for millions of years before man ever walked upright. Is it possible that they became the dominant species of earth, using advanced...

Space agency attempted to steal evidence of extraterrestrial View latest post by Myth
in Aliens and Life beyond Earth
A politician in Sri Lanka says a team of “white gentlemen” from an international space agency tried to steal meteor fragments that prove alien life exists in order...

Giza men arrested after digging up ancient temple under home View latest post by Myth
in General News and Updates
Seven residents of a Giza district have been arrested after they illegally excavated the area beneath their home and found the remains of an ancient Egyptian temple.

Mysterious stone in Honsh, purpose is completely unknown View latest post by Myth
in Ancient Civilizations
Sculptured Stone in Honsh? Most enigmatic stone in the Asuka district, the purpose is completely unknown, the name "Wine-Ship-Stone" itself contains a...

Clear craft like object photographed over Auckland, NZ View latest post by Myth
in UFOs and USOs
Bought a new phone on 20th October. Testing out new camera 16mega pixel. Took to photos of the city in the first picture a distant light in the second two lights...

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