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Bob Dean Presents US Government Disclosure Refusal on UFOs

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UFO HUNTERS - UFO EMERGENCY - Aliens/Extraterrestrial/Paranormal (documentary)


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Lake on Mars - NASA's picture from 2011 shows lake? View latest post
Yesterday, 18:22 by anDroid
NASA's description:
Picture taken by: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO)
Instrument: HiRISE
They wrote:
The suggested area in this observation is characterized by a group of cones, shield-like...

The mysterious bright lights: 'The cylindrical UFOs' View latest post
18.09.2014, 18:39 by anDroid
We know very little about cylindrical UFOs, strange bright lights crossing the sky. For decades photographs have been published of these odd lights.
For example, similar cylindrical...

Another meteorite supports the likelihood of Martian life View latest post
17.09.2014, 18:48 by anDroid
New research on a Martian meteorite supports the idea that Mars has the right conditions to support life.
Scientists from the UK and Greece found something interesting in a piece of...

Enigmatic Crop Circle in Wiltshire, linked to Nikola Tesla? View latest post
16.09.2014, 19:45 by anDroid
How can we explain what have no explanation yet?
How could we describe something so complex we cannot comprehend?
How to describe such origin?
That is the case of the enigmatic crop...

Strange craft filmed inside the clouds over the Hungary View latest post
15.09.2014, 19:22 by anDroid
During the storm on September 13th, strange craft or UFO was filmed in the clouds moving out the clouds.

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